Infinity Stones is a Silicon Valley based technology company that specializes in both cloud management platform and cybersecurity protections for blockchains. Our core team is comprised of senior engineers, economists, and business leaders from established companies in the hi-tech and investment industries such as Google, Oracle, Intel, and UBS Investment Bank.

On blockchains, reliable nodes are the most crucial components of a chain’s stable operations. However, building and maintaining nodes is often a painful and costly process as each chain has distinctive features which require the hosts to formulate unique and well thought out plans for each chain. Also, the operations of blockchain nodes require a robust and stable network, non-traditional information security and protection, and automated nodes monitoring and maintenance. It is vital that the host is well prepared to assure the nodes’ continuous operation during traffic spikes and when the network is under attack. Infinity Stones utilizes hybrid cloud deployment to ensure redundancy while achieving nodes monitoring and disaster prevention 24/7. Furthermore, we have partnered up with the leading blockchain formal verification platform Certik, and use our in-house developed, patent-pending technologies to safeguard private keys and to provide the most secure services for the blockchain.
With more than 100 nodes under our care, Infinity Stones is currently providing hosting services for many types of customers. Our clients include high net worth individuals, institutional investors, foundations, and universities and research institutions. Infinity Stones has a mature system in place and can provide solutions to all aspects of the blockchain nodes operations. With our market-tested technologies and business resources, we aim to be the goto infrastructure provider in the blockchain industry.

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