Infinity Stones is based in Palo Alto, California, and owned by Infinity Stones and its independent shareholders with 100% equity.

Infinity Stones is an independent EOS Block Producer. We are not managed nor can be influenced by any other organizations or Block Producers. We are not under the governance or administration of any outside individuals, companies, or organizations. We will notify the EOS community should anything changes that can impact our independence and remain transparent.

Code of Conduct

Infinity Stones will ensure our governance is in accordance with EOS constitution and with the best interest of the flourishment of EOS ecosystem in mind. We are willing to cooperate with community governance to deliver value to the EOS ecosystem.

Infinity Stones will never offer payments to EOS token voters for any reason, including Block Producer elections and worker proposals. The goal of Infinity Stones running as a block producer is to boost the EOS ecosystem. We will try our best to use block producer rewards to develop our state of art cloud management systems and enhance the security level of our servers. We also believe one of the best ways to benefit the EOS community is by organizing seminars and workshops, as well as exploring the potential collaboration between EOS and other blockchain technology firms.