With the continuous development of the PoS staking economy, more and more investors have begun to stake their cryptocurrency to gain staking revenue. The new consensus mechanism has brought about a simpler mining method, but problems also come: How could an investor conveniently manage the revenue return from nodes he voted? How could an investor accurately manage and calculate the actual rate of return? Perhaps staking investors need a useful revenue viewing tool to deal with this problem.

To solve the problem, InfStones (Infinity Stones), the world’s largest PoS cloud computing service provider, recently launched a mobile voting revenue management product — Infinity Pool, based on its own node layout advantages and technical strengths.

Infinity Pool provides users with the most comprehensive, transparent and secure staking service. It will independently display the user’s 24h voting revenue and cumulative voting revenue. Users can also review their revenue distribution histories, and truly manage voting revenue transparently.

View your Revenue on Infinity Pool

To enter the Infinity Pool to view the revenue, you may scan the QR code below, or simply go to https://www.infpool.com/. Currently, Infinity Pool only supports viewing the revenue information of voting for InfStones(Infinity Stones) delegate.

  Scan the above QR code enter Infinity Pool

Meanwhile, to celebrate the launch of Infinity PoolInfStones(Infinity Stones) will return 100% revenue to its voters in IoTeX community for the whole month of July:

From now to July 31st (the first month of Infinity Pool launch), InfStones (Infinity Stones) will return 100% revenue, and all voters’ voting revenue will increase by 10%! Hurry up to register in Infinity Pool, add your voting address, and vote for Infstones(Infinity Stones)!

About InfStones(Infinity Stones)

InfStones is built by senior cloud service and blockchain teams in Silicon Valley, USA. It has super nodes deployed in well-known DPoS public chains including EOS, TRON, Vechain, Ontology, Elastos, IoTeX, etc., and master nodes deployed in Well-known PoS public chains including Tezos, Cosmos, IRISnet, IOST, etc. According to Staking Reward’s ranking of Digital Asset Staking ServicesInfStones ranks 3rd in the world, and is the super PoS mine pool that covers the vast majority of PoS mainstream public chains!

How to use Infinity Pool

1. Enter Infinity Pool

Click on the following link https://www.infpool.com/ or scan the QR code above to enter Infinity Pool. You could select Chinese/English at the top right of the homepage.

2. Sign up & Sign in

Click on Me tab and enter the sign-up/ sign in page.

You only need to enter the user name, login password, and confirm the password to register successfully.

3. Add your IoTeX address in Favorites

Cilck on Favorites tab, and click on [+] at the top right to add your vote address of IoTeX.

Steps of adding address:

  • Choose main chain “IOTEX”, click on “NEXT”
  • Enter alias, address, and repeat it to confirm, click on “CONFIRM”.
  • Once done, you could view your revenue in Favorites tab.

4. View the Voting Guides

If you want to view the voting strategy on different main chains, you can click Stake on the home page

Swipe down to see full text and follow the guidelines to vote. Voila!

If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us at contact@infinitystones.io.

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