Infinity Stones is an official partner of IoTeX. We are working closely with the foundation to make sure our Consensus Delegate node can receive the highest reward possible so we can share it with our supporters.

Infinity Stones is open for delegation on IoTeX Mainnet and we appreciate your vote support.



Voters can obtain votes through staking IoTeX tokens. A noticeable feature of the IoTeX staking system is that bonus votes are granted to those that show long-term commitment by staking a specified duration. To help you better understand this mechanism, we have the following table to show how much bonus votes are granted by staking 100 IoTeX tokens for different durations.

Bonus Votes in Varying Staking Durations
Staked IoTeX Token Specified Duration* Bonus Votes Total Votes
100 IoTeX Token 14 epochs** 15 115
28 epochs 18 118
98 epochs 25 125
182 epochs 29 129
350 epochs 32 132

*Specified number of epochs has to be an multiple of 14.

** 1 epoch is defined as 1 day.

After the initial voting action, votes can be redirected to any other delegates and voters can extend the staking duration at anytime. Voters may unstake their IOTX after the stake duration expires. The unstaking process takes 3 epochs (3 days), after which the originally staked tokens will be available for trading and transfers.


By voting for Infinity Stones, the rewards we receive will be shared with you proportionally to your vote weight. We will use the rest of the reward to cover the cost of our servers, software development, staff, and our efforts in promoting IoTeX.

We would recommend staking your tokens for as long as you are willing, to maximize the number of votes you can cast. This not only helps to achieve a more stable environment for the network by locking down IoTeX tokens but also yields voters higher returns as the Delegates rewards are usually shared based on the vote weight. As shown in the table above, a commitment of just 14 epochs will yield you 15% more votes, thus, higher rewards!