Infinity Stones is an active validator on IRISnet with 100% uptime! We are working closely with the foundation to make sure our validator node can receive the highest reward possible so we can share it with our supporters.

Infinity Stones is open for delegation on IRISnet Mainnet. To show our appreciation of your support, we will share 80% of our reward with our delegators. The rewards are distributed to you instantly! There is no wait, no hassle!



Delegators can obtain Voting Power (VP) through bonding IRIS tokens (IRIS) and then delegate to Validators. One bonded IRIS will give you one VP. The amount of IRIS one can earn depends on the totoal VP on the network and the inflation rate. For the first year, the inflation on IRISnet is 4%. To help you better understand your income, we have the following table to show your estimated ROI by delegating 500,000 IRIS in different network conditions.

Bonus Votes in Varying Staking Durations
Bonded IRIS Total VP on IRISnet Your VP Percentage Yield*
500,000 IRIS 200 million 0.250% 40.00%
300 million 0.167% 26.67%
416 million** 0.120% 19.23%
500 million 0.100% 16.00%
600 million 0.083% 13.33%

* The above table shows your yield before any fees and cost.

** The number of IRIS staked on IRISnet as of March 12th, 2019.

A noticeable feature of the IRISnet delegation system is that rewards are distributed to delegators automatically. In other words, your don’t have to wait for Validators to transfer your rewards to you, it’s done instantly! If you would like to trandsfer your bonded IRIS, you may unbond your token. The unbonding process takes 21 days, after which the originally bonded tokens will be available for trading and transfers.