Security and reliability are at the very core of every internet service. Unlike traditional software, the openness of blockchain software made them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Infinity stones has assembled a group of top talents from Google, Intel, and Oracle to address those challenges and provide the most sophisticated, reliable and secure infrastructure for blockchain services in the market.

High Fidelity (d)PoS Hosting

Best-in-class cloud orchestration system and patented service migration technology enable us to host the services on multiple cloud providers, and seamlessly migrate them for better fault-tolerance and efficiency:

  1. Guaranteed 99.999% uptime
  2. Best performance/dollar ratio in the market

Security Auditing and Protection

Besides blockchain-protocol-aware DDoS shield and the most advanced sandboxing technology, our security system also provides active security protections.

  1. AI-powered host intrusion detection system (HIDS)
  2. Automatic smart contract auditing