Infinity Stones is open for delegation on Tezos: an easy and secure way to earn Tezos 24/7. Delegate with confidence and let us bake on your behalf. We are over-delegated at the moment, thank you for your support.

Delegated to Infinity Stones
332,970 ꜩ
Our Total Capacity
532,970 ꜩ
Open for Delegation
15% 10% Fee

We pay out your reward at the end of every cycle and only charge a 10% dynamic fee. The delegation process is simple and fast. Please check out our tutorial!



The amount of XTZ a baker can make depends on the total number of XTZs staked on Tezos. To participate in baking, a baker must have at least 1 roll of XYZ. A Roll is referred to a bundle of 10,000 XTZ. Accounts with less than 1 roll of XTZ are not allowed to bake but can delegate to active bakers for rewards. The following table summarizes your annual yield based on different staking ratios. To know more about Tezos economic model, please check out our blog post.

Annual Yield in Varying Staking Conditions
Total Supply Staked Rolls Staking Ratio Yield*
76,630 rolls 19,158 25% 22.00%
38,315 50% 11.00%
38,893** 53.30% 10.28%
57,473 75% 7.30%
76630 100% 5.50%

*The above table shows your yield before any fees and cost.
**The number of rolls staked on Tezos for cycle 28. It is the current cycle as of September 24th, 2018.